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About Healthy Earth Fertilisers

Healthy Earth is Australian
HealthyEarth Fertilisers  is owned and operated by one of Australia's oldest professional farming/horticultural families. We use our experience and advanced scientific technologies to make and provide great environmental fertilisers for both farmers and home gardeners.
Our fertiliser products and technology for farming provide high end results at low cost.
We use the same high quality materials and technologies for our Healthy Earth home gardener product range giving the best results in the industry - and your garden
Our Experience
At HealthyEarth we are actively involved in a diverse range of  farming industries such as pasture, cropping, horticulture, floriculture, market gardening, citrus/stonefruit orchards and vineyards. You name it and we do it. This takes considerable experience, knowledge and expertise.
Not only do we consult and advise but we also design and manufacture our own unique brand name products to suit individual farms, farming districts and even countries!
We are also sought after by international clients in Japan, China and Thailand  with whom we consult or export to.
Food Chain Fertilisers: Soil -to- Plants -to- Animals -to- US
As far as we know HealthyEarth is the only fertiliser manufacturor to purposely use the food chain to improve various aspects of health and productivity not only in crops but also in livestock. With our knowledge and understanding of elements and minerals and how they affect plants, crops and pastures and how those elements then affect animal health, we can make big productivity improvements on farms of all types. We can improve livestock weight gain, fertility, wool quality, animal shape and general health.
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