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Landscaping and Gardening
Healthy Earth garden products produce the highest quality health and presentation of all garden fertilisers.
Our products are ecologically safe, sustainable and very importantly they are environentally safe around family and pets.
You can use them on ornamental as well as fruit and vegetable gardens. Healthy Earth Fertilisers are made for the food chain. This means it makes your vegetables and fruits more tastful and very importantly much more nutritious.
Most problems with garden plants, lawns and trees are caused by poor nutrition and low quality fertilisers.
Yes they are big statements so how can we be so positive ? - Because our Landscape/Gardening range is made from the same technologies and ingredients we use for our commercial farming range. This guarantees the best results possible. Also HealthyEarth is operated/owned by one of Australias oldest professional horticultural families with much more than four generations behind us, our experience produces results.
 Everything we do is environmental and we make everything simple to use. Just add water and apply, or with some products just spread and add water. The technology inside the high quality materials does the rest for you, giving you the best green thumb in the neighbourhood !
You will see in this site a 'nutritional garden system' involving just a few comprehensive products. When you use the whole system the results are stunning. Of course the products work very well as 'stand alone' for individual needs.

Volcanic Rock Dust
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