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What People Think About Healthy Earth

This Letter (left) from Li Xian Min, the owner and GM of one of Chinas largest and best fertiliser manufacturing factories.
After sending a delegation around the world into many different agricultural areas Peter Jack the owner and GM of Healthy Earth was selected and invited to help and share food chain technologies with this most progressive Chinese company. It was a wonderful opprtunity and experience.
The Chinese government understands very well that 'Food Chain Fertilisers' are extremly important for national success and very importantly - national health!
We were happy to share technology with them for the sole reason that it would benefit the environment and the lives of our friends and fellow Human Beings.


The letter on the right is a rare commendation from one of the largest and most succesful wineries in the world. Today we still provide fertilisers to many of the very large vineyards that supply their winegrapes.

Happy Farmer

A happy but shy farmer.  The reason the photo on the left was taken is because holding such a magnificent bunch of table grapes by just one grape is almost an impossibility. it shows the strength and quality of the crop.
The colour, even size of berries, size and shape of bunch, disease resistance, shelf life, etc are a testimony to the ability of HealthyEarth.  


Healthy Earth has had a lot of media exposure over the years. This page is illustating just a few examples.
 We are always willing to share our technology because where ever it is used it benefits people and the environment. The below articles are about our past involvement with China,  and human health. The Chinese government realise that good fertliser nutritional technology will have an enormous impact on national health and productivity. China was a wonderful experience to say the least. Contrary to popular belief, China is very progressive wth regards to agricultural technology and its impact on the environment. We were very glad to help them.